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Buckeye Tara

Yesterday I had to go to the new Student Union to get an ID – and it’s a behemoth of a building. A cross between a shopping mall and a McMansion,  it’s an extremely safe design for the program. It … Continue reading

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Rem Koolhaas Saves the World (for architecture)

Preservation has Rem worried – there is just too much of it. Retroactively discovered as a thread in OMA’s work, the Cronocaos exhibition at the Venice Biennale purports to engage historical preservation and question its reputation as a necessary good. … Continue reading

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Bucharest Vice – South Beach Surrealism in Romania’s Capital

In Bucharest, Romania, about as far from Miami Beach and Morris Lapidus’ Mimo Modernism as you can get, SquareONE architects channel the Architect of Joy in a new interior design for the Shade Club. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on … Continue reading

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Blow Up

It’s that time again – the Venice Bienalle is on, opening officially today. But of course already a flood of images are coming out of the different pavilions’ installations. For the past few iterations of the Bienalle there has been … Continue reading

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Holy Holy Hollein

When I was in school, Hans Hollein was one of a number of architects who was simply dismissed as being terrible, full stop. Among my friends his reputation was mostly based on his Shullin Jewelry Store in Vienna from 1974. … Continue reading

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Dow Kimbrell’s Guide

Despite the Niagara of images of projects from the likes of Dezeen, Designboom and Archdaily, nothing seems to be capturing my fancy. So in lieu of a incisive post about a fabulous (or not-so-fabulous) building, I thought I’d pass along … Continue reading

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4/1: Four Views of 1111 Lincoln Road

Today I have four reviews of the new Herzog & de Meuron  parking garage in Miami, 1111 Lincoln Road – courtesy of Dave Nedrow, Dan Mathur,  Jeff Squire and of course myself. I get to go first because it’s my … Continue reading

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Let it Go Loop de Loop!

Walking the Walk at the Dutch Pavilion … the freeways could be the real monuments to the future, the places set aside for special celebration by people able to experience space and motion and relationships to other people and things … Continue reading

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A New Review

Apologies for the radio silence – but there’s plenty of good stuff coming up next week. First off  we’ll have a bit of a round table review – four takes on one new project in Miami. Watch as I disagree … Continue reading

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I Just Like it ‘Cause it Sucks

I really want to like this project, but looking at this I have a question: Is the firm WAM Architecten being a wiseass? Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on FacebookShare on Linkedinshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the … Continue reading

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